sightings-b.jpg (4316 bytes) Seen 'em? Got a picture? Mail us and let us know about it!  We'll get your info/pics up so everyone can see.

What we know (or think we know) about the "cast":
(Editors Note: This information has been gathered from other sources and may or may not be entirely valid.  Nothing is meant as libel, and will be gladly corrected at the request of the person in question (so if any of you RW people want to drop us a note and correct us, here's your chance - we keep our sources' confidentiality, so we won't tell the producer that you gave us info.)

If you want to write the cast a letter, the mailing address of their house is 2815 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121, although we're sure it'll be intercepted by the RW crew..

Name: Identifying features:
Nathan W.  Blackburn A senior in Economics at the Virginia Military Institute.  According to his school, he's studying abroad in Prague this semester, wonder if they know he's in Seattle instead..  Has a whiny girlfriend who's attitude seems similar to fingernails on a chalkboard by the end of the season.  He cheats on her, btw..
Dave Burns Also attends the Virginia Military Institute (kinda makes you wonder what kind of kick the interviewers were on, doesn't it?)  He's from Boston, MA.  His webpage is at
Janet Choi Asian girl from Northwestern University, a Tri-Delt, and probably the cast member with the most information currently available (thanks to the following article in the Daily Northwestern) - Jeff's favorite.
Stephen Williams A Black guy, a would-be poet.  Likes to beat women and has an anger management problem (read: typical cop-out, bullshit excuse of the 90's)   MTV also likes to promote this domestic violence
Rebecca Elizabeth Lord Strawberry Blonde, curly hair.  Sophomore (or at least 2nd year student) in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia.  See a picture and article about her here in the Cavalier Daily "Becky" also went to Godwin High School in VA . (geographical diversity?)
Lindsay Brian This was the girl that we had a picture of from Andy Savage's site but were asked to take down - supposedly she actually has radio experience, though we had friends that had experience at Bellevue High School, so we're not real sure what that says...  Definately a spunky little girl from what we've seen of her so far.  Hell, Rob thinks she's cute..
Irene McGee Short, curly brunette from Georgetown.  Had Lyme Disease coming into the show, and as a result was a "real pill" - she bails towards the end of the season because the whole experience is completely fake (surprise surprise =).  we give props to Irene as she's obviously the only "real" one on the show.

Pictures(click on the picture for a bigger version):
(and yes, not all the pictures are professional quality now, c'mon, we have "real" jobs too.. =)

If you feel that one or more of these pictures should be taken down, and you can prove that they're your intellectual property, then we will be glad to remove the picture or give you credit. Don't be a dick and put our pictures up on your site saying they're yours either.

rwcast1.jpg (15809 bytes) Janet, Steven and Irene walking towards Seattle Center
rwcast2.jpg (25552 bytes) Janet, Steven, Irene and the loving RW crew across from the Seattle Center
pier70-1.jpg (25826 bytes) This is the gated entrance to their Pier 70 homestead.   Incidentally, this area is not zoned for residential living, they had to acquire a special permit because it is a "24-hour" film set.  Real estate in this area is several hundred dollars a square foot from what we are told.  Hardly where you'd expect a bunch of KNDD "modulators" living.
pier70-2.jpg (18405 bytes) View of the RW house from Pier 69 - by far the best vantage point for staking out the RW cast.  There are incredibly ugly "sails" up along the water line blocking some of the view now (apparently the City of Seattle says they were put up for aesthetic reasons, but we here find it hard to believe that large colored sails have more aesthetic value that the San Juan islands.   If anyone knows what kind of donation a certain TV network had to make to get them placed, we'd be more than interested.) (either way, you can push the sails aside and see into their house just fine)
oh but wait, they're stupid and still have it up on andy's site Cast member Lindsay - this picture was up on Andy Savage's website ( for a brief amount of time (and if we get mail from Andy, we'll remove it) (so download it quick people, it probably won't be here long)

oh, we got mail - surprise, surprise, and it's from a viacom flunky, not the man himself. tsk tsk.

oh! but wait, they're not as bright as they think - it's still up on andy's site, click on the picture to go there! - HAHA, they finally figured it out and pulled them

hey, what do you know, this one is still up on andy's site too.. We're not exactly sure who these two are, but this picture was yanked from Andy's site as well - if you can ID the cast member in this pic, let us know.  Same thing applies to this pic as the last one - if we get mail from Andy (oh, and at least one of us is a technogeek working with Internet server software on a daily basis, so we know how to find out where mail comes from..)

Ok, according to "Tim" that's Dave there on the left, and the blonde is Rebecca.
oh, we got mail - surprise, surprise, and it's from a viacom flunky, not the man himself. tsk tsk.

oh! but wait, they're not as bright as they think - it's still up on andy's site, click on the picture to go there! - HAHA, they finally figured it out and pulled them

rwjanet.jpg (10608 bytes) A picture of Janet Choi, printed in the Daily Northwestern
janetmom.jpg (19024 bytes) Janet and her mom walking next to the house on their way back to the Edgewater, where mom was staying.
oneway.jpg (14555 bytes) This was the first one way street they went up - keeping in mind of course, that the buggies never go up to Pier 70 in the first place..
dontenter.jpg (11551 bytes) I thought this sign was fairly consistent throughout the country, but then again, BM is from southern california...
buggy1.jpg (23098 bytes) Janet, her mom, and we're guessing two sisters, and oh yeah, that inconspicuous camera man - we did blur mom's face out because she didn't sign up for the show though, we're not complete jerks.
buggy2.jpg (19470 bytes) Ok, Rob should have put his top down to cut down on the glare, and it's a lousy picture, but we're amateur photographers, cut us some slack...
buggy3.jpg (9525 bytes) Same picture, different angle, again highlighting the rather obvious DO NOT ENTER sign.
momoncouch.JPG (21583 bytes) Janet and mom sitting on the couch in the house.. business.. film set.. whatever the hell their permit says it is..
jeffnjanet.jpg (40322 bytes) Jeff's favorite picture - him and Janet and the plate we were getting signed for a friend - I kinda wish we had at least scanned the plate before we gave it to our friend, but we figured that would be a little dickish under the circumstances (friend was sick, which is why we got the plate signed)
jeffnlindsay.jpg (34159 bytes) Jeff getting the plate signed by Lindsay.
jeffnrebecca.jpg (31996 bytes) Jeff and Rebecca, who, just like throughout the show, is kind of hidden in the background
jeffnstephen.jpg (31694 bytes) Jeff with the woman beater (obviously this is before we knew the extent of his assholeness..)
mejeffnlindsay.jpg (37559 bytes) Lindsay with Rob and Jeff - she was about to bounce off the walls.
RWpremotionalcrap.jpg (47609 bytes) Promotional crap they handed out at the IKEA gathering...
rwviewfrompier.jpg (29037 bytes) This is the view the little punks had to look out at every morning when they got up - pretty rough, huh?


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